Customized Fire Mitigation for Greyhound Adoption Centre Expanding Fire Safety to the Greyhounds in the Greyhound Adoption Program at Mount Mercer

Greyhound Adoption Centre

Mount Mercer, VICTORIA

After successfully implementing a fire mitigation system at their Seymour location, the Greyhound Adoption Centre (GAC) engaged us for a similar project at their Mount Mercer facility. Though smaller in scale, the centre required protection for its main building that houses both the adoptable greyhounds and the staff office. We installed an impact sprinkler system connected to a new 65,000-litre Rhino water tank and a remote start pump. With design features and operational details mirroring the Seymour project, the Mount Mercer centre now also benefits from a robust fire protection solution.
Greyhound Adoption Program
Impact Sprinklers