From Idea to Implementation 

Complete Process Overview

  • Initial Site Assessment

    A personalised consultation where we focus on selecting the ideal fire mitigation system for the property. We will discuss water supply sources and choose the buildings that need coverage. This consultation can take place on-site or virtually, using advanced aerial mapping technology.
  • Fire Protection Plan

    Our design team calculates the total area for fire mitigation and identifies the optimal water source, whether from a new water tank or a direct line from a nearby dam. Once detailed plans are drawn and materials listed, components are ordered, and the project moves forward upon approvals.
  • Component Selection

    The selection of your crucial components like sprinklers, water tank, and pump, along with any optional add-ons. Each part is tailored to your unique needs to ensure maximum fire protection. Every component is meticulously chosen to seamlessly integrate into the overall system, ensuring both reliability and effectiveness.
  • Install & Test

    Our team expertly installs copper and Blue Line Poly piping systems, constructs the water tank base, and sets up the remote start pump. All elements are tested for leaks and optimal performance. A final walkthrough with you ensures you're comfortable operating the system, which is then ready for use.

System Components

External Sprinkler Types

Nelson Impact External Sprinkler

Impact Sprinkler

Central placement along a building's ridgeline, Impact Sprinklers offer a coverage radius of approx. 25 metres, providing effective and fire protection.

Double Arm Sprinkler

Placed along the edge of buildings, Double Arm Sprinklers deliver a circular coverage with a diameter of 10 metres, adding another layer of fire defense.

Big Gun Sprinkler

Located at strategic points along the property's perimeter, Big Gun Sprinklers boast a remarkable 50 metre radius, providing extensive coverage to larger properties.

Curtain Sprinkler

Positioned along the edge of buildings, Curtain Sprinklers emit a half circle spray covering a distance of 4-6 metres creating a protective water forcefield.

For Added Peace of Mind

External Sprinkler System Automation

Embarr Argus™

Embarr Argus™ fire protection technology can detect fires and incoming fire fronts around your property. It has sensors that constantly monitor the environment. When there is a bushfire threat, the external sprinkler system is switched on automatically. This makes sure that your property remains soaked while also conserving the water and pump fuel used to keep the external sprinkler system working for more extended periods of time. With this cutting-edge patented technology, you can reduce the possibility of damage caused by fire, heat, and embers before the flames reach your property.

Remote Start

Davey Firefighter Pump

Davey Water Pump Purpose and Equipped to Protect Against Bushfires

High-Powered Self Priming Pump

The Davey Remote Start Firefighter Mark II Water Pump is a game-changer in bushfire protection systems. It has the ability to allow you to start it manually, remotely via text, or on a schedule. It can even auto-activate upon sensing heat, ensuring quick and reliable water supply in emergencies against bushfire threat to ensure fire protection promptly. This cutting-edge water pump is your frontline defense against bushfires, providing peace of mind when every second counts. This purpose-built fire fighting water pump is the heart of our fire mitigation systems as its features and capacity are essential for bushfire protection.

Automated External Sprinkler System

Kingspan Rhino Water Tank

Remote-Start Davey Water Pump

Quality Copper Pipes & Brass Fittings