Defending Australia from Fires One Project at a Time

At Primeline, we’re not just building fire mitigation systems; we’re igniting trust and safeguarding communities. Every project we complete marks another stride in our mission to defend Australia from the devastating impact of fires. From rural properties to commercial facilities, our tailor-made solutions offer more than just peace of mind—they offer a secure future. We invite you to explore our completed projects to witness the breadth of our capabilities. Each project showcases our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and the ultimate aim of saving lives and properties from fire. Your safety is our success.

Camp Wombaroo Fire Mitigation System

Camp Wombaroo

Approx. Coverage: 12,000sqm

Camp Jungai

Approx. Coverage: 12,000sqm

Camp Marysville

Approx. Coverage: 10,000sqm
Fire External Sprinkler System for Fire Mitigation System

Greyhound Adoption Centre Seymour

Approx. Coverage: 10,000sqm

Greyhound Adoption Centre Mt. Mercer

Approx. Coverage: 3,000sqm

Kinglake Farm

Approx. Coverage: 2,00sqm