In rural areas of Victoria, bushfires pose a significant threat to properties, livelihoods, and lives. Primeline offers a comprehensive fire mitigation system designed to safeguard rural properties and communities from the devastating effects of bushfires.

External Sprinklers System: A Proactive Defense

One of the key components of Primeline’s fire mitigation system is the installation of external sprinklers system on the roofs of properties. These sprinklers provide a proactive defense by wetting the roof surface, creating a barrier against flames and ember attacks. This preemptive measure can significantly reduce the risk of property damage and increase the chances of survival during a bushfire.

Purpose-Built Davey Firefighter Pump: Ensuring 7+ Hours of Operation

Central to Primeline’s fire mitigation system is the purpose-built Davey firefighter pump. With a runtime of seven hours or more, this pump ensures continuous operation during firefighting efforts. This extended runtime is not only crucial for effectively combating bushfires but also for meeting insurance requirements. By investing in a system equipped with a reliable pump, property owners can enhance their preparedness and resilience against bushfires.

Kingspan Rhino Water Tanks: Reliable Water Source Solutions

In areas where natural water sources are limited or unavailable, Primeline’s fire mitigation system incorporates Kingspan Rhino water tanks. Kingspan Rhino is a well-known name in rural communities, recognized for its durable and reliable water storage solutions. These tanks provide a constant supply of water for firefighting efforts, further bolstering the system’s effectiveness and versatility.

Investing in Fire Protection: A Fire Prevention Plan

As bushfires continue to pose a threat to rural areas in Victoria, investing in Primeline’s fire mitigation system is a proactive step towards protecting properties and ensuring the safety of communities. With features such as external sprinklers, purpose-built pumps, and reliable water storage solutions, Primeline’s system offers comprehensive protection against the devastating effects of bushfires.

By educating clients about the importance of bushfire protection and the benefits of Primeline’s fire mitigation systems, we can work towards building more resilient and prepared rural communities in Victoria.